Gres Aragón has begun 2023 adding a new quality and safety certification to their archive. In this case, the new Certification is the renowned ISO 17065, a document that guarantees the suitability of the ceramic cladding for Faveker ventilated façades against fire and its propagation in the very demanding UAE market, one of the countries with the largest number of skyscrapers in the world and with the strictest strict fire regulation.

To achieve this certification, Faveker products and their facilities were subject to several exhaustive controls, including the NFPA285 test that establishes the characteristics of fire propagation of the materials to be used for building cladding. Faveker ceramic ventilated passed with top marks at their first trial, which consisted of 30 minute exposure to intense and direct fire from short distance followed by 15 minutes of observation. This test highlighted the value of using ceramic solutions with A1 classification for fire Reaction and resistance, such as Faveker extruded tiles, which together with an approved fixing system and the use of cavity barriers (that guarantee the non-propagation of fire through the ventilated chamber thanks to a perfect performance of the cavity barriers sealing against the ceramic cladding which prevents flames and smoke from spreading via the walls. Additionally, fire Reaction tests were carried out in accordance with BS-EN 13501-1 as well as tests to determine the ignition temperature of the ceramic tiles according with AST D1929-20.

UKAS-ISO 17025 joins many other documents such as the European Technical Assessment; the Russian Certificate of Compliance and Fire Resistance; ISO 14001, 9001 and 50001; Environmental Product Declaration; Zero Waste Verification; or Carbon Footprint; in their permanent search for safe, resistance and eco-friendly constructive solutions, with the support of well-known external institutions.

UKAS-ISO 17025 certification and the rest of certifications for Faveker ventilated Facades as well as for the productive process can be found here. and in the archive of each issuing body.

Gres Aragón obtiene el certificado Ukas