Ideas for small charming pools


Small charming pools

Small charming pools are an excellent choice for those wanting to enjoy a cool, relaxing area at home even without a large plot of land. Plus, although small, these recreational pools can be used as a decorative element to enhance the esthetic value of a house as well as providing fun and entertainment.

8 inspirational pool ideas

Pools have been traditionally built in yards on extensive plots of land. In recent years, however, there has been a significant change with pools becoming more and more common on patios, rooftop terraces and even less conventional places. This evolution has been driven by the availability of versatile materials and innovative construction solutions such as those offered by Gres Aragón, which make it easier to build pools in different environments.

We’re going to give you several ideas for small charming pools to inspire you to transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis.

1. A small rooftop pool

A small pool on a rooftop terrace - IDEAS FOR SMALL CHARMING POOLS

Imagine enjoying spectacular views from your own small pool on the rooftop. This option is perfect if you want to get the most out of vertical areas, especially in cities where space is limited. Our Ordesa collection is ideal for this type of pool, offering excellent design possibilities.

2. A small built-in attic pool

If you’ve got an attic and want to add a touch of luxury, a small built-in pool can be the perfect solution. The Gres Aragón Urban series provides an elegant, minimalist style so your pool can be integrated with a sophisticated design in your attic for absolute enjoyment.

3. Pools adapted to small patios

En small charming patios we can also install a small adapted pool. There are no design limits! The Ocean Series is comprised of attractive long-lasting and resistant proposals that will make your patio the perfect place to enjoy the summer.

4. A long pool for narrow yards

Narrow yards can also be home to incredible pools. A narrow, long pool not only maximizes the available space, but also adds a touch of elegance to any yard. These narrow pools are perfect for a relaxing swim and peaceful rest. And with all the special pieces offered by Gres Aragón, the possibilities for pool finishes in corners, on stairs and on edges are excellent and adaptable to any size.

5. A small pool surrounded by vegetation

Is there anything better than charming yards with a pool? Small pools surrounded by vegetation provide the ideal natural and serene atmosphere. Tall, leafy plants are great allies when you want privacy around the pool and an attractive look as well.

6. A minimalist pool on a small patio

A minimalist style is an excellent choice for small charming patios. A charming poolin neutral colors will become the focus of attention without overloading the space, and the result will always be spectacular with collections such as Selene, Ocean or Materia.

7. A small pool under a porch

Installing a small poolunder a porch is a way to make great use of outdoor space under the shade. This option is ideal for those who want to enjoy a pool anytime of the day without getting burnt during the sunniest hours.

8. Indoor pool at home

If you prefer something more private, an indoor pool may be the solution. This option allows you to enjoy the pool year-round no matter the weather. What’s more, indoor pools can also be perfectly integrated in the home design when you go with one of our porcelain tile collections.

At Gres Aragón, we know that every little detail counts when creating a unique, cozy outdoor space. That’s why we offer a selection of our most popular series for small pools: Urban, Ordesa and Ocean.

If you want to convert your outdoor space into a personal oasis, our solutions in ceramic tiling will allow you to enjoy a unique, refreshing atmosphere no matter the size of your pool.


In this section, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our small pools. We’d like to help you make informed decisions and make sure you have all the information you need to transform your outdoor space into the personal oasis of your dreams. If you have any other questions or need more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the approximate size of a small pool?

Small pools generally range from between 2×3 meters to 4×6 meters, depending on the available space.

What tiling is the best for this type of pool?

The non-slip, water-resistant tiling offered by Gres Aragón is ideal. Collections like Ordesa, Urban and Ocean are excellent choices.

What’s better, an inground or above-ground pool?

This decision depends on the space available and personal preferences. Inground pools are often integrated better into the landscape.

How can small pools be used?

To swim, relax, do exercise or simply for decoration.

For more information and personalized guidance, visit our website and find out about everything Gres Aragón has to offer.