Urban Gris pool series


The charm of Ibiza-style pools

Ibiza-style pools have become quite the trend in exterior design. The look evokes the serenity and relaxed luxury of the island of Ibiza, all while connecting to that Mediterranean style.
In this post, we’ll explore the characteristics that define an Ibiza-style pool and offer inspiration and tips on how to recreate such a Mediterranean oasis in your home.

The keys to an Ibiza-style pool

There are a series of basic characteristics any Ibiza-style pool must have:

Light, neutral colors

White, gray and beige are predominant in Ibiza-style pools. These tones not only reflect the sunlight, but also help create a calm and cool atmosphere, which is essential for relaxation.

Simple shapes and clean lines

Ibiza-style pool designs are known for their simplicity and elegance. Clear geometric shapes and pure lines are the basis of a style that prioritizes simplicity.

A relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere

Every single Ibiza-style pool is a sanctuary for relaxation. Comfortable resting areas and subtle yet effective lighting are essential to the experience.

Minimalist decor

There must be minimal garden decor and furnishings as you don’t want to weigh it all down. Elegant yet discrete details must be carefully chosen to maintain the visual harmony.

Inspiration and examples of Ibiza-style pools

An Ibiza-style pool transcends traditional esthetics as the focus is on functionality and integration with nature. This approach is perfectly reflected in Gres Aragón collections, which combine natural beauty with technical innovation to create unique and safe spaces.

There are all kinds of Ibiza-style pools that capture the essence of this look: minimalist elegance, a Mediterranean oasis, a peaceful refuge, natural harmony, serenity and comfort, balanced horizons, clarity and coolness. Each of these variants offers a distinctive touch to be able to create a personalized, unique space.

Here is a selection of Ibiza-style pools you’ll just fall in love with:

1. Minimalist elegance

This concept translates into designs that respect the visual continuity of the surfaces.

The Urban collection adds that minimalist dimension as well as elegance with white and beige colors. This porcelain tiling imitates the purest and cleanest cement for a subtle look that’s ideal for those looking for a simple, refined design.

2. A Mediterranean oasis

Creating a space that reflects the warmth and charm of the Mediterranean is another goal in pool design. This warmth interlinks with the blue in the water and sky, and the green colors found in the vegetation. Discover all the colors and textures available in ceramic bases for recreational pools.

3. A peaceful refuge

Piscinas ibicencas - Refugio de paz

Ibiza-style pools are a place to get away from all the daily hustle and bustle, as the water and light play a central role in creating an atmosphere of absolute serenity. Here are a few design ideas for Ibiza-style pools.

4. Natural harmony

The Ocean collection is the perfect choice for pool interiors. Designed to evoke the serenity of the sea, this series provides a look that perfectly complements any Ibiza-style design. The tones and textures are designed to reflect harmony with the natural environment, providing a bathing experience that’s as refreshing as it is relaxing.

5. Serenity and comfort

Hotel Coral Iberostar Esmeralda

Ibiza-style pool design trends prioritize comfort through ergonomic furnishings and resting areas that invite you to just relax and enjoy yourself. Not only in homes, but also in hotels, spas and contractor projects.

6. Balanced horizons

Urban Gris and Blanco pool series

Wood-inspired collections can also be used in an Ibiza-style pool. The Ordesa collection is one example: the visual continuity it offers helps create a more spacious and elegant area which is ideal for terraces and outdoor areas seeking to emulate an outdoor oasis.

7. Clarity and coolness

Cuba pool

The Materia collection by Gres Aragón is an example of how ceramics can completely transform any outdoor pool area. The Ivory color, in particular, stands out due to its ability to light up and visually expand any space.

One key characteristic of these dreamy pools is a non-slip finish on the porcelain tiling for better safety and to prevent accidents in wet areas. This finish makes pool areas look wonderful in addition to being practical and safe.


When thinking about building an Ibiza-style pool, you’ll need the answers to a few common questions:

Why is porcelain tiling recommended for Ibiza-style pools?

Porcelain tiling is ideal given its high slip resistance, durability against adverse climate conditions and look, which perfectly blends with a minimalist, elegant style.

What effect is sought with the color of the tiling used for an Ibiza-style pool?

A light tile color visually expands the space, reflects the sunlight and keeps the ground temperature pleasant to the touch.

What type of effect is achieved by using natural stones in pool designs?

Natural stone provides a country-like touch that evokes the beauty of Mediterranean landscapes all while guaranteeing perfect integration with the environment.