Dear Customer,

As we promised, once April is over, we have calculated the % energy surcharge (based on the TTF average price of the natural gas during the said month) that will be applied to the prices of our products to be loaded during the month of May.

The The April average TTF for the month has been 101,63 €/MWh

Applying the envisaged formula

% Monthly Energy Surcharge = 0.256% x (TTF month average – 70)

The result is:

% Monthly Energy Surcharge = 0,256% x (101,63 – 70) = 8,10%

will be applied during May 8%

We will keep a copy of this communication available at:

We will come back to you on this issue next 25th May. However, remember that this surcharge is exceptional and temporary. It will be withdrawn when the situation stabilizes.

All Gres Aragón staff is at your service.

Thanking you for your trust, yours sincerely

The Company Management