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ACEPOOL is the ceramic brand for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sports, wellness facilities and spas. Thanks to our love for detail and the exclusive catalogue of special finishing pieces, we adapt to the technical needs of each project and the preferences of our clients.

We like to offer safety, hygiene, durability and resistance with our materials. That is why our ceramic tiles, stairs, terraces and swimming pools have high resistance to traffic, are antibacterial, waterproof and non-slip. They are made to last.

At Gres Aragón we also take care of the Earth and our land. We are committed through the sustainable management of our products, the generation of 0 waste, the fixation of the rural population and sharing the wealth in our environment.

And above all, we like challenges, each new project, each new client, is an opportunity to adapt to their needs and ... their dreams.

Floor and wall tiles

Finishing pools

Edging systems



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