Gres Aragón receives an emotional tribute

12 de September de 2019 News

Last Saturday, March 24th, the Parish of Santa María la Mayor, the Quintas de Pueyos and the Hon. Alcañiz City Council honored GRES ARAGÓN for its contribution to the restoration and maintenance of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pueyos, patron saint of the historic Lower Aragón capital. The act, which was maintained by Emiliano Doñate, Prior of the Fifth of '73, was attended by numerous representatives of the various Quintas who have been working in the place. They also expressed words of thanks, Pablo Roda, Parish Priest of Santa María la Mayor, and Juan Carlos Gracia Suso, Mayor of Alcañiz. Marco Lahoz, representing GRES ARAGÓN, discovered a commemorative plaque of this gratitude, located in a prominent place among the photographs of the successive Quintas. Special mention was made to César Burguete for his help.


Pueyos - which means peak in modern Castilian - is a Marian sanctuary located on top of a hill northwest of Alcañiz, two kilometers from the Guadalope River and next to the MotorLand Aragón circuit. The Sanctuary is integrated by what was an asylum, the church where the cult is celebrated and the old hermitage of the XII century.


In 1978 it began to ask for the collaboration of the Quintos for the maintenance and improvement of the Sanctuary. It is on the day of the Vow when the members of the successive Quintas are renewed and Prior and Subpriors are named among those who reach that age the age of retirement (65 years). Thanks to this initiative, the urban, architectural and all kinds of improvements to the Sanctuary make it a more pleasant place for the huge influx of people who come to honor the Virgin of Pueyos every day of the year.


GRES ARAGÓN, which counts among its values ​​that of contributing to local development, makes disinterested contributions of materials. Grupo SAMCA, to which GRES ARAGÓN belongs, favors the sustainability of the places where it is present, through the establishment of the population and the development of economic activity. We demonstrate in this way the commitment to the social dimension of our Corporate Social Responsibility.


In the photo from left to right:


Marco Lahoz - General Director of Gres Aragón

Emiliano Doñate - Prior of the Fifth of 73

Juan Carlos Gracia Suso - Mayor of Alcañiz

César Burguete - Retired Administration Director of Gres Aragón