Dear Customer,

Looking for stability, we have managed to avoid and transform the monthly energy surcharge into a single 15% increase to the price list agreed for year 2022. This is to apply until the 31st December.

Even though the costs of gas, electricity and raw materials keep on increasing unpredictably, we have succeeded to stabilize their prices after reaching agreements with suppliers. However, the market remains turbulent and uncertain.

Therefore, we have managed to transform the growing monthly energy surcharge linked to the TTF into a single price increase of 15% valid until December 31st, 2022. If we had continued with the energy surcharge system, the percentage to be applied for October would have been higher than 30% and the monthly price uncertainty would have continued. The 15% increase will apply to the initial 2022 annual offer for loads made from Monday, September 26th.

In doing so we are looking forward to giving stability to our products’ offer and to avoiding the instability in your price quotations, linked to the energy market evolution.

Additionally, after the summer break, dedicated to implement process improvements and to factories maintenance, we have resumed and will keep production activity at its normal level in all our plants until the end of the year.

We will keep a copy of this communication available at:

All our Customer Service personnel (commercial, logistics, quality, …) still remains at your service.

Thanking you for your trust, yours sincerely

The Company Management