bathroom tile trends


The latest bathroom tile trends. Interior design has become another way for people to express who they are, and in this constantly evolving scenario, bathrooms have become not only a functional space but also a canvas for showing off one’s personal style.

The non-stop desire to update and embellish the space around us makes us think about every little corner of our homes. In this context, bathrooms have become mirrors reflecting their occupants’ style and character.

From Gres de Aragón, we’re going to tell you about all the bathroom tile trends on the rise focusing on finding the ideal balance between design and practicality.

Due to their resistance and versatility, tiles have become a favorite in bathroom decorating. Throughout the various seasons, we’ve been witnesses to an evolution in their patterns, colors and finishes - always reflecting the essence of the times.

So, what’s new in bathroom tiles for 2023? Here we’ll let you in on all the secrets to the key bathroom tile trends this year.

Bathroom trends for 2023

Bathroom tile trends are defined by a fusion between traditional and modern to create spaces that inspire comfort and modernity.

Added to this is a priority for long-lasting, resistant materials, particularly in rooms like bathrooms where water is constantly being used.

And this is where porcelain tile becomes the ideal choice, standing out due to the low water absorbance, durability and resistance to slippage.

Small bathroom trends

In 2023, small bathroom trends are seeking to maximize the perception of space.

Collections like Marble, especially in the Carrara tone, are ideal as they provide a touch of elegance, cleanliness and amplitude with their marble-inspired finishes.

Plus, the possibility of a continuous effect on flooring and walls boosts that sought-after feeling of spaciousness.

Small bathroom trends
Ocean and Marble Carrara Collection

STAR TRENDS: Matte Whites. A contemporary touch to transmit amplitude and luminosity in a bathroom. Particularly useful for places with little natural light.

Modern bathroom trends

The minimalism and functionality of Nordic design continues to win people over, gaining ground in modern bathrooms.

The collections Ordesa and Rodeno take you to absolute nature with the look of authentic wood yet the resistance and durability only porcelain tile can offer.

And for those seeking a touch of modern nostalgia, the collection Retro, with a nod towards hydraulic flooring, is the perfect bridge between the past and the present as it’s flooded with personality and character.

Modern bathroom trends
Cevisama bathroom

STAR TRENDS: A Return to All Things Natural. The use of tiles replicating wood, stone and other natural elements is becoming one of the strongest bathroom tile trends this year, providing an authentic and relaxing feeling.

Bathroom reform trends

A bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to include the latest bathroom tile trends. As seen before, some of the most outstanding involve an inclination for natural finishes. Wood, marble and earthly colors predominate in the new bathroom trends.

However, for those looking to break the mold, the collection Ocean by Gres de Aragón, with its turquoise tones and shiny finishes, is positioned as a daring and fresh choice which is perfect for adding an exclusive, unique touch.

Bathroom trends for 2023
Ocean Pearl Collection

STAR TREND: Contrasts and Color. As minimalism continues to make an impact, there’s an increasing tendency towards daring color contrasts—especially blues and greens— to give bathrooms depth and character.

Choosing the absolute best material for tiling is essential, especially in places where water is a main factor. Due to its resistance and low permeability, porcelain tile is an unbeatable choice.

Plus, the advanced ceramic printing technique used by Gres de Aragón multiplies the esthetic possibilities, enabling the replication of finishes with surprising accuracy so as to expand the alternatives without compromising on quality or durability.

In short, the options available for reforming and reworking bathrooms are endless, and choosing just the right tile can make a huge difference.

Incorporating these 2023 bathroom tile trends not only achieves an attractive-looking space but also one that’s functional and long-lasting.

At Gres de Aragón, you’ll find the right collection to follow all the trends in bathroom tiles as the company always offers cutting-edge ceramic solutions as far as innovation and design.