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Sales conditions




The management system of GRES ARAGÓN has been assessed and certified, and is annually audited, as meeting the requirements of the following European standards. ISO 9001:2015 for QUALITY MANAGEMENT and ISO 14001:2015 for ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT.

Our products meet the requirements of the:

European standard EN 14411 and the worldwide standard ISO 13006.

The products marked as 2nd quality do not meet all the requirements of the standard and they might have quality or visual defects. All 1st and 2nd quality tiles fully comply with the mandatory requirements of Annex ZA of EN-14411.



Gres Aragón tests its products in laboratories officially accredited.

The Quality Control of every single production batch is made at the in-house Laboratory of Gres Aragón with calibrated and audited equipment.



The colours, tones, designs and formats shown in our documentation are purely indicative.

Gres Aragón may vary any of these characteristics of its range of products without prior notice, without this being a reason for complaints from its customers.




GRES ARAGÓN products are not supplied in complete sqm or lm (linear meter), but calculating a conventional placement joint. Therefore, claims regarding the number of parts supplied will not be accepted.


The measurement unit (sqm or lm) of GRES ARAGÓN is based on the coordinating size of the pieces, which results from the addition of the work size plus the joint width recommended. The recommended joint depends on the format and type of product. The recommended joint by format is indicated in the catalogue and on the boxes. There is a summary in the table:


33x50 325x492 mm 8 mm 333x500 mm
33x33 325x325 mm 8 mm 333x333 mm
25x25 244x244 mm 6 mm 250x250 mm
20x20 195x195 mm 5 mm 200x200 mm
15x15 150x150mm 4 mm 154x154 mm
12x25 119x244 mm 6 mm 125x250 mm
30x30 297x297 mm 3 mm 300x300 mm
30x60 297x297 mm 3 mm 300x600 mm
60x60 597x597 mm 3 mm 600x600 mm
60x120 600x1200 mm 3 mm 603x1203 mm
15x60 147x597 mm 3 mm 150x600 mm
20x120 195x1200 mm 3 mm 198x1203 mm


The joint has important functions for the quality, durability and good performance of the ceramic tiles, among which stand out: it absorbs the stress transmitted by supports, the dimensional variations produced by the expansion / contraction effect of the temperature and it corrects the dimensional variations of the tiles with tolerances.



Due to the characteristics of ceramic materials, it cannot be guaranteed that the shades of the material supplied are uniform or that they do not differ from the samples. Often a shade variation corresponds to its normal appearance. In addition, certain series pursue a deliberate shade variation starting from the own design process.

To obtain a uniform mix of shades, it is advisable, prior to installation, to choose different pallet boxes and then pieces from different boxes. 



It is advisable to lay all the extruded tiles in the extrusion direction, which is indicated by the grooves on the back side of the tile.



The number of pieces per box or boxes per pallet might be altered without previous notice. So, we recommend placing orders according to the unit of measure (pieces, square metres or linear metres) indicated in the catalogue for each good. Otherwise, no claims will be accepted in case of difference between the quantity ordered and delivered.





Complete packages will be supplied, completing up to the number of units that reflect our catalogue for each product code (Pcs./Box). 

Orders for products out of catalogue will be supplied in the quantities manufactured for this specific purpose, which may exceed up to 5% the requested ones.



A 2-year guarantee for all our goods, starting on the date of invoicing, according to Spanish and European legislation in force at that time.

The guarantee does not cover defects that may have been caused by wrong laying, use or maintenance.

Guides and recommendations for laying, cleaning and maintenance are available in this catalogue and at the ”Downloads” section in our site



If the goods delivered do not correspond to the quality requirements, the customer has the right to get the defect eliminated or to be delivered goods without defects. Visual only defects, if they do not affect the quality, authorize the customer just to get a decrease in price.

In case of shade variations, no claims will be accepted after laying. The accuracy of the laying schemes and/or quantities list of materials offer have to be verified by the Works Direction and by the ceramic tiles distributor. We refuse any liability for eventual inaccuracies. These information is to be considered as a gentleness from our company.

Any improper handling of the goods during the laying phase, the lack of protection of the goods once installed until its start-up, a non-adequate after-works cleaning, any improper use or non-ordinary maintenance (i.e.: burnishing, polishing, chemical attacks, etc.) could affect the anti-slip performance characteristics of the product during its lifetime. We refuse any liability for the damages caused by a not proper cleaning or by the usage of inappropriate products.

We strongly recommend to keep a reserve of material of the same batch as the installed one in case of a need of testing arise after laying the goods, in order to test and solve controversies on the technical performance of it.

Claims are accepted only in 1st quality products.





When received, the goods must be examined to verify if it corresponds with the one ordered. Possible claims must be made in writing within 7 days. Defects that are visible only after unpacking the goods must also be indicated in writing at the latest 6 months after the goods are delivered and in any case before the tiles are placed. In case the defects are not communicated and / or the material is placed, the merchandise will be considered received and accepted; therefore, any right to compensation would disappear. 

The products subject to the claim must be placed at our disposal for inspection. If the material has been already placed, it will be immediately interrupted. 

If claim is about a placed product, we refuse any compensation payment as long as the material has been removed without our prior written permission. 



A Maximum period of the return of goods delivered following customer’s instructions is stablished in one month, as long as the packaging is in good condition. The return shipping costs are on behalf of the client.



In case of unpaid invoices, GRES ARAGON reserve itself the right to cancel any further delivery.

Delays in payment will be taxed with interest on default according to commercial bank interest rates.



Goods, even delivered, belong to Gres Aragón until any credits of the distributor are completely regularized. This also affects future or conditional credits. Even though we accept bills of exchange or cheques, our credits will only be settled by the irrevocable payment of the bill or the irrevocable cashing of the cheque.


Note: This “General Information” as well as the technical characteristics shown on this Catalogue, update, modify and replace those appearing in previous publications.

The manufacturer reserves itself the right to change any values, keeping it always within the Standards, without previous notice.


Always check at the most updated version of this catalogue. 

The said online edition updates, modifies and replaces this printed copy.

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