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Wood-look inspired porcelain tiles is one of the trends in the ceramic market. This type of combination is known as "wood-look tiles" and many people like it for the warm finishing and the large advantages over natural wood.

Let me highlight some of the advantages:

  • Aesthetic. With a wide variety of styles, sizes, formats and textures, wood-look ceramic make spaces unique and comfortable. There are countless finishes, sizes, thicknesses and elements that meet any requirement, turning out to perfect finishes.



  • Hygienic and anti-allergenic. Ceramic is hygienic and anti-allergenic, as it prevents the development of germs and fungi. In addition, as it is waterproof, it does not get stained on its surface or get damaged inside. This quality makes it a secure value and a classic material for bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools, where water and humidity may attack and damage.




  • Fireproof. Ceramic (porcelain stoneware) does not burn and does not release any harmful substances in the event of fire. It is also an electrical insulating material, making it the most popular flooring option for commercial and restaurant premises.


  • Durable and resistant. The installation of "wood-look ceramics" lasts forever (at least, until you may decide to change it!). Once in place, it needs no other maintenance than cleaning. It withstands temperature changes, chemical and biological agents, as well as friction and scratches.


In short, we can say that “wood-look ceramic tiles” is a key material due to its natural and real appearance; providing warmth, hygiene, beauty, durability and a beautiful solution adapted to the needs of any consumer.


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Regarding GRES ARAGÓN product range, ORDESA series is the greatest choice for "wood-look ceramic tiles" finish. It comes in 3 very trendy colors (Gray, Beige and Brown), in two base formats (15x60 and 20x120) and two finishes (smooth and non-slip). It is ideal to cover all kinds of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors (patios, dining rooms, hotels...). It comes with a wide range of special finishing pieces (steps, corners, skirting boards, etc.) in order to improve the aesthetics and finish of the space where it is placed. For an accurate finish, combined with non-slip floor tiles, in swimming pools, spas or wellness areas, this collection offers all kinds of special pieces (overflowing edge, grids, overflowing channels, radial tiles, corner grids...)


Julián García Martínez

Export Manager Gres Aragón


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