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How has covid 19 affected our work?

28 de May de 2021 News

How has covid 19 affected our work?


At Gres Aragón y Faveker we have a full protocol to prevent Covid 19 infections among employees and visitors. 

-Our employees receive a surgical mask every day at the factory entrance, its use is compulsory throughout the work center. 

-Security will collect the data of truck drivers and give them the appropriate indications.

-Frequent hand washing with soap or hydroalcoholic gel distributed in each work station is recommended.

-Thanks to the wide spaces in the production plants, our workers can maintain interpersonal safety distance.

-Dining rooms, changing rooms and offices are thoroughly disinfected by the cleaning staff and by the workers themselves.

-In our offices, workers are separated by security screens, in addition to constant ventilation, with opened doors and windows. We also have CO2 measurers that indicate the quality of the air in the spaces and can intervene if values that put health at risk are reached.

-Implementation of videoconferences between our centers and workers to avoid displacements in meetings.

-In this year and a half we have not detected a single contagion of Covid in our facilities in Gres Aragón and Faveker.







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