New developments in ceramic for 2024

Ceramic Trends for 2024: Innovation and Style

Ceramic Trends for 2024: A Look Towards the Future

The world of design and architecture is constantly evolving, always in line with the latest trends and needs of spaces and those who live in them. We felt this vibrant reality first hand during the most recent Cevisama Fair, a crucial event for the ceramics sector where Gres Aragón played a key role.

It was in this context that we had the privilege of presenting our proposals for ceramic flooring and cladding designed for all types of atmospheres indoors and outdoors.

Our products not only stand out because of their quality and versatility, but also because they offer the safety and technical characteristics professionals look for when approaching any project.

The following collections all reflect pure innovation for this 2024 as trendsetters in the ceramic sector.

The elegance of Selene

The Selene collection of ceramic flooring transmits the serenity of cement to all kinds of surfaces. It’s right in line with current interior design trends which prioritize clean, peaceful spaces. This is further enhanced with a meticulously selected chromatic palette made up of Blanco, Crema and Mocca, three soft and discrete tones that offer any environment unique sophistication, especially when looking to combine functionality with esthetic elegance.

Sold in a 60×120 cm format with 120 cm matching step treads, Selene easily adapts to a wide range of applications from residential spaces to large commercial projects. What’s more, when it comes to safety and functionality, this collection features non-slip finishes to make it the perfect solution for exteriors as well as wet areas, including pools, spas and terraces.

Materia: A fusion of nature and technology

La colección Materia representa una excelente Yesntesis de belleza natural y funcionalidad técnica. Esta colección de gres porcelánico se inspira en la autenticidad de la piedra, reproduciendo sutiles vetas que enriquecen cualquier espacio con un toque diferenciado.

Available in Ivory and Gris, in a 60×120 cm format with 120 cm step treads, Materia is designed to offer cohesion between exterior and interior areas given the non-slip finishes which guarantee safety and visual continuity on any surface. This collection also includes special pieces such as risers and stringers in order to design personalized spaces with incredible detail.

Ocean: Dive into the color of the year with Ocean Turquoise

Ocean Turquoise

Cuando se trata de piscinas y de dar color a los proyectos, la colección Ocean es la decisión acertada. Su nueva tonalidad Ocean Turquoise se suma a una paleta cromática muy sugerente y cuidada para llenar de frescura y vitalidad las superficies y revolucionar no solamente el interior de las piscinas, sino también cocinas, baños y proyectos contracto que buscan una dosis de color y frescor.

Available in matte and glossy finishes, Ocean allows you to play with the light and textures to create one-of-a-kind atmospheres. Not only that, the variety of available formats (15×15 cm, 30×30 cm and 30×60 cm) offer endless design possibilities. It also stands out due to its exceptional slip resistance, which makes it ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, spas and pools.

Urban 20 mm: Design and resistance

Technically speaking, the Urban 20 mm porcelain tile collection by Gres Aragón stands to become everyone’s favorite in 2024. It reflects the minimalist tendency in cement with subtle graphics yet goes even further beyond since it comes in a Class 1 smooth finish for interiors and Class 3 non-slip finish for exteriors, which means you can play a bit with any project design by integrating both areas for outstanding results.

Plus, this truly complete collection stands out due to the wide variety of formats (30×30 cm, 30×60 cm, 60×60 cm and 60×120 cm), as well as the extensive palette of color ranging from Blanco to Caoba, not to mention neutral tones like Gris, Beige and Grafito. Added to this are its excellent technical characteristics and wide variety of special pieces (risers, step treads, skirting boards, corner pieces, stringers...), including a 120 cm step tread. All of this ensures quality results where design, harmony and functionality go hand in hand.

Aradeck: Innovation in exteriors

Aradeck Series

Specifically designed for raised technical flooring, Aradeck is perfect for terraces and recreational areas, where adaptability and versatility are key. The innovative structure not only enhances the look of any space, but also helps hide technical wiring and systems under the flooring all while allowing easy access for maintenance and adjustments.

This system is easy to install and simple to maintain, all while resisting the most adverse weather conditions for guaranteed long-lasting and stable performance. Aradeck is the ideal solution for those looking to create elegant and practical outdoor spaces which will remain impeccable and accessible all year round.

With each new collection, Gres Aragón reaffirms its commitment to innovation and exceptional design, to ensure every single space can reflect the latest trends without sacrificing on functionality or style. If you’d like more information on any of the new trends or collections presented for 2024, don’t think twice about contacting us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.