Step treads for outdoor staircases have become a very important part of architectural esthetics.

Besides the technical features inherent to a special piece like these, progress in the ceramic industry has made it so designs like wood and marble stand out in outdoor spaces with full guarantees, maintaining the look and integrity just like on the very first day.

At Gres Aragón, we have extensive experience backing us as a leading brand in the manufacture and design of special pieces such as step treads for outdoor stairs; always with design, quality and sustainability as the fundamental pillars of our creative and productive process.

outdoor non-slip steps
Petra Ocre Series

Outdoor non-slip steps

One of the crucial features of outdoor stair steps is a non-slip surface which guarantees user safety against slips and falls, especially on wet floors.

For optimal reliability, this finish must be certified as C3-R11, which is the highest non-slip capacity.

To guarantee complete safety, step treads for outdoor staircases must have a completely non-slip surface to prevent slipping and falling on wet floors.

In addition to this essential feature, non-slip stair steps must offer other technical properties which are fundamental for outdoor areas since they are always exposed to changes in the weather and climate.

30 × 60 Carrara Series

Technical features

Immense resistance and durability are essential characteristics when choosing construction materials to tile step treads on outdoor staircases.

Extruded stoneware is one of the most robust materials on the market due to the characteristic extrusion manufacturing.

These resistance and durability aspects combine with other features inherent to the material such as low water absorption, a feature that makes Gres Aragón extruded stoneware resistant to stains and moisture in addition to preventing the proliferation of mold and bacteria, which would otherwise be quite possible since outdoor areas can be in contact with water from pools and rain.

Another great technical characteristic of extruded stoneware when it comes to the use thereof for outdoor step treads is the resistance to wear, chemicals – both for pools and cleaning –, scratches and bending, not to mention the resistance to climate and weather changes such as rain, wind and extreme sun.

Finally, one of the most outstanding features of Gres Aragón extruded stoneware is the possibility of manufacturing pieces with a special morphology to meet the different technical requirements of any individual project.

In the specific case of outdoor stair steps, the range covers everything from rounded step treads to straight ones in different formats and even special complementary pieces such as stringers (rounded and straight), stair risers and tread covers; all with the same design and graphics for unique uniformity and esthetic quality anywhere they’re used.

non-slip steps for outdoors
Urban Grafito series


Purely esthetically speaking, the variety of alternatives available to tile outdoor stair steps is rather wide.

Capable of creating and reflecting all types of designs, Gres Aragón extruded stoneware offers outdoor stair step finishes ranging from a faithful recreation of natural, warm wood with the Ordesa series; to the elegance and sophistication of Carrara and Travertino marble with the Marble series; and the pureness of the most genuine stones with the Petra series or even designs with an artisan essence and sustainable spirit as found with the Classic, Antic and Columbia collections.

All of these decorating options reflect the incredible esthetics of the natural version in combination with the highest technical features of extruded stoneware and porcelain tiling for a complete, versatile and cutting-edge result in the material.

Beyond all the nature-inspired finishes, the esthetic possibilities available also include more modern and trendy designs such as the Urban series inspired by a more industrial cement or those in the Orion series, with a less marked and more subtle style yet equally contemporary.

steps for finished outdoor stairs
Orion Antracita Series

Outdoor stair step tiling

As a leading company, Gres Aragón has known how to develop the best options on the extruded stoneware and porcelain tiling market to cover outdoor stair step treads.

In our catalog, you can find a large variety of collections and finishes that will fit any type of project that includes outdoor stair steps like a glove.

outdoor stair step treads
Ordesa Beige Series

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