It might seem an absolute contradiction that being one of the best manufacturers of ventilated façades in the world, what matters most to us is what is not seen. But the reality is that, at FAVEKER® we have been valuing and dedicating all efforts for a very long time to all the things that are not seen but exist. Everything that is behind. Our quality is determined by our knowledge of the material: ceramic, the absolute control of its behavior is the result of the experience gained through more than 80 years loving and working with this material. Thanks to the culture of our company Gres Aragón and the Samca group we have been able to invest in innovation and in R & D & I processes in order to bring both: the expression and functionality of ceramics to our field: architecture reaching incredible new heights: physical, architectural and artistic without losing the essence of our product, rooted in the highest quality, because that is the very soul of ceramics: permanence, the resilience of beauty that can only be obtained through quality. What is behind it is also working as a team with our clients, offering personalized services in terms of structure calculation, technical advice, detailed modulation, search for the best solution and support them in the digitization of their projects. Anchoring systems that are unique in the industry, providing a solution.

In each project, in each work, what is not seen, what is behind it, is as important as what is seen. The journey to the heart of beauty, of truth, is what inspires us.

What is behind it is also at the core of our culture of respect, love for the environment and even attachment to the territory where we produce, its people, its natural, human and social resources. In an increasingly polarized world, in which small tasks, quiet everyday gestures are not seen, or do not seem to matter to some, our company policy has always been a sustainable management of what is behind from all points of view: sharing wealth with our environment, fixing the rural population generating future, training and opportunities. Quality is found across the entire value chain.

There is much more behind our commitment to sustainability, because there is no future without sustainability. Our product, made from clays of the highest quality, is processed with total responsibility towards the world and the environment. It is not a contribution, it is a way of working. 100% of the ceramic waste generated during the production process, raw and fired, are reincorporated as raw material to the product. Our FAVEKER® products have a minimum recycled content claim of 50%. FAVEKER® is not only committed to manufacturing, but it is also 100% recyclable. Easy to deconstruct, classifiable with minimal effort and therefore reusable for other façades: these characteristics underline the sustainability of our entire system.