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How can I choose the colour of my swimming pool water?

2 de April de 2020


It is well known that water is colorless, that is, transparent. However, when we look at seawater or pool water none of us would hesitate to say that the color we see is blue. 


Widely-held belief is that seawater and pool water is blue because it reflects the sky color. Nevertheless, the truth is that the blue color is due to the sunlight reflection. Water absorbs those colors with wider length spectrum, such as red color, as well as shorter ones, such as ultraviolet. Moreover, other colors like green can be reflected when there are elements around that can reflect light, such as seaweed. 



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Therefore, when our swimming pool water gets the rays of sunlight, it absorbs first red and ultraviolet lights and after them yellow, green and violet colors, so the water remains in the color of the light with the lowest absorption level: blue.

Once we know the reason why our swimming pool water is blue, what does being darker or lighter blue depend on? The blue color intensity changes according to the light that can be absorbed by water. When speaking of swimming pools, this depends mainly on the pool depth. The bigger the pool is, the higher will be its capacity for light absorption and, consequently, we will see darker blue water. Regarding children’s pools, because they are not deep, their light absorption capacity is much lower and, therefore, we see more transparent water. In addition, there are other factors that influence the water color of our swimming pool, such as the time of day, the clouds position or the place in the word we are.

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This way, despite our swimming pool water always being blue, we can actually have an impact on its intensity and, even, tonality. Unlike what happens in the sea, the water’s light absorption capacity in pools is lower and the bottom of the pool is always visible. Thus, choosing the color of the ceramic tiles plays a fundamental role to achieve the effect we want in our pool. 


If we opt for white colors for our ceramic tiles, water becomes sky blue and gives us pureness, relax and balance. Among ACEPOOL selection, the brand of ceramic tiles for pools by GRES ARAGON, porcelain ceramic series TIBET and URBAN are an excellent choice to get this effect that invites us to break away inside the swimming pool. These are available in several modular sizes: 30x30, 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120, which let imagination loose and design dozens of combinations. For those who prefer klinker or extruded ceramic tiles, COTTO 33x33 is also a superb choice.


All these options are available in antislip finish that can be laid on the areas surrounding the pool to give uniformity to our place and include ceramic special pieces made by extrusion process for the edging system of the pool, both overflow and not overflow, as well as for constructing the desired geometries.



Public pool PATERNA



If, on the other hand, we prefer our pool water to be turquoise, so we are carried to idyllic places, we should install beige color ceramic tiles. In addition to TIBET and URBAN series, some other porcelain ceramic collections such as ORDESA (wood-like), ITACA (sand-like) and ROCKS (stone-like), as well as CORAL BAY and extruded ceramic series COLUMBIA, ORION and CAPRI, are available in beige tonalities that will create the perfect turquoise effect of any paradisaical environment.



Private pool ROCKS BEIGE

Another option is to install grey color ceramic tiles, so the water will get a sea-like blue tonality, what looks breathtaking in infinity type swimming pools. In that case, the possibilities among ACEPOOL catalogue are endless: TIBET, URBAN, ORDESA, ITACA, ROCKS, ORION, CAPRI, COLUMBIA… and the new OCEAN PEARL, a porcelain tile in 15x15 and 30x30 format that installed in the pool’s walls and bottom matches perfectly any other ceramic collection laid on the surrounding area of our pool.


Private pool ITACA GREY

There are also opportunities for nature lovers who want to feel the freedom and coolness of the greenery thanks to their swimming pool. For them, installing green ceramic porcelain tiles will help achieving an incredible natural effect. In this case, the chosen model must be OCEAN GREEN RIVER, which, installed together with other porcelain pavement in the surrounding area, ORDESA, will create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.


The 4 colors of the porcelain collection OCEAN are available in 15x15 and 30x30 formats 




To all these options, one might add classic blue looks, from blue tiles, such as OCEAN BLUE LAGUNA, that boost water’s refreshing feeling; and black or very dark colors, such as TIBET ANTRACITA tiles, that will give our swimming pool elegance and sobriety with a unique mirror effect. 




All in all, the range of colors that we can give to our swimming pool water is as endless as the possibilities that ACEPOOL offers for ceramic walls and floors in all their porcelain and extruded ceramic tile collections, in formats that go from 15x15 up to 60x120, without forgetting anti slip and glossy tiles in 12x25 and 25x50 sizes nor mosaics, the two most traditional elections among all ceramic options to install in our swimming pool. 



ACEPOOL color range in wall and floor tiles 12x25 y 25x50

Therefore, when choosing a ceramic collection to construct our pool, besides deciding on a high-quality and technically suitable product, we should think through the environment we want to create, so as to opt for the accurate ceramic tile color that will help us choose our swimming pool water color.


Guillermo Villanueva Lop

Contract Sales Dept.

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