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24 de February de 2020

One more year, when February begins, the most important exhibition of the ceramic sector in Spain starts off: CEVISAMA.

This is an international trade fair where manufacturers of floor and wall tiles launch their new products, in which they have been working for months. It is also a meeting point among manufacturers, customers, potential clients, prescribers, experts in design, architecture and interior design and, definitely, of all the agents involved in construction and / or rehabilitation. Five intense days in the city of Valencia, where we can see what is new in design trends that will lead the up-coming season, as well as the tangible proposals of each of the companies.

PHOTO: Booth at CEVISAMA 2020,

Visiting the hallways of the four pavilions of the fair, we can see a trend clearly inspired by the current social context: the climate crisis is driving a transformation in design, where the use of natural materials is the key. From living and compostable materials to almost futuristic natural, raw and even rough textures. Local production is increasingly important for product design, from the origin of the material to the production that brings benefits to the community. As the consumers look for new feelings, that’s where personality, emotion, warmth and character take place in the design of spaces and products.


We see how customization is increasingly common thanks to technological advances, such as digital printing technology and digital platforms that allow consumers to participate in the designing process, which means talking almost about design on demand .


Therefore, the ceramic trends seen in Cevisama 2020 are clearly inspired by the concept of sustainability. Most of the companies’ booths show a concern about everything that relates to sustainable development. Gres Aragón is one of the examples having an Environmental Product Declarationcertified by AENOR that guarantees the excellent environmental performance of all products throughout the life cycle, which have 40% recycled pre-consumption material.


PHOTO: Booth at CEVISAMA 2020, Environmental Product Declaration

Regarding the materials shown in this edition of the fair, we see a clear inspiration in nature, earth and roots. We have seen stones of all kinds, wood, aggressive marble and subtle terracotta. Framed in this trend we find the TIBET collection, a series of porcelain tile with excellent benefits. Inspired by natural stone  with a design combining  the spectacular veins of the stone with four timeless trendy colours ranging  from white to anthracite going through beige and grey, covering the most diverse tastes thanks also to its double, smooth and anti-slip  finishings, which allows buildings with outdoor and indoor areas to have aesthetic continuity.


PHOTO: Capri collection

Without any doubt, the conquer of outdoor areas is another of the goals of the ceramic sector with concrete, natural stone or simply, with the earth and nature. That is why, more and more, we bet on special ceramic finishing pieces

to be outdoors in swimming pool constructions where ceramics has the leading role from the inside of it to the edge and its surrounding areas, offered by the ACEPOOL

 line. It is also found in ceramic façades such as those offered by the FAVEKER 

division of Gres Aragón, which give buildings a second skin offering energy efficiency, sustainability and design.



PHOTO: Booth at CEVISAMA 2020, Faveker area

In line with this natural inspiration trend, we cannot ignore the increasing importance nowadays of finding places that invites us to reflection, to relax, to the "Zen" world. In this current stressful style of life in the big cities, this need for peace and calm in the rooms of home can be found in the OCEAN

 collection. A porcelain tile, which, with its inspiration in Balinese stones, gives a solution in the interior of swimming pools and as wall tiles resulting in that little chilling peaceful corner we are all looking for nowadays.


PHOTO: Booth at CEVISAMA 2020, Ocean Pearl +Tibet collection 

PHOTO: Booth at CEVISAMA 2020, Ocean pool


In line with the last years’ trend, we are back to the most traditional and rustic processes, resulting in smaller sizes and mud or terracotta imitations. We find the CAPRI collection, traditional glazed klinker series from Gres Aragón. For those who continue betting on extruded tiles and its excellent benefits in terms of resistance and anti-slippage, this collection will meet your expectations thanks to its different formats and its color range inspired in earth and natural tones.


 PHOTO: Booth at CEVISAMA 2020, Tibet collection

To sum up, one more year, Cevisama represents the unavoidable event for companies and customers meaning the beginning of the season for the launch of new products. And currently we are working hard on the next important event in the sector: Cersaie2020. There we go!


Elena Valenzuela Taús

Marketing Manager Gres Aragón


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