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Outdoor spaces are the great stars of the summer season. As open-air areas, the choice of construction materials is crucial since outdoor tiles are constantly subjected to external aggression, inclement weather and, when it comes to pools, constant contact with chlorine.

outdoor tiles

Gres Arag贸n has positioned itself as the reference outdoor tile brand by offering the perfect combination of beautiful esthetic finishes like marble, stone and wood with the ultra-resistance and durability of its porcelain and clinker collections.

The importance using non-slip outdoor tiles

Outdoor tiles require certain specific technical features in order to provide optimal performance and durability.

The Gres Arag贸n outdoor porcelain and clinker tile collections offer features like resistance to bending, surface abrasion, sudden changes in temperature, splitting and expansion due to moisture, which is particularly important in rainy seasons and in pool areas.

Safety is another extremely important aspect when choosing outdoor tiles. And this is where the C3 鈥 R11/R12 non-slip finishes in Gres Arag贸n collections will make the difference.

These finishes guarantee user safety against slipping and falling on wet floors, whether in public or private settings in a pool or on a terrace or patio.

On the other hand, one of the most outstanding characteristics besides the importance of choosing non-slip finishes for outdoor tiles is the low porosity of porcelain and clinker.

They give these outdoor tiles immense resistance to stains which is essential when it comes to preventing the proliferation of fungi and mold and creating a safer anti-bacterial surface.

outdoor tiles
Urban Grafito Collection

Different finishes for different garden and terrace styles

Beyond the fundamental technical features any outdoor tiling must have, there鈥檚 the whole esthetic issue.

All the technological progress and constant innovation and trend research done by Gres Arag贸n allows us to offer collections that meet both technical and esthetic requirements.

The company鈥檚 outdoor tiles cover a huge variety of designs and finishes that can perfectly adapt to all types of styles.

1. Imitation wood outdoor tiles

The use of porcelain enables the enjoyment of the naturalness of wood without leaving behind material features like high durability and resistance.

Collections like Ordesa or Rodenocreate comfortable, warm spaces for outdoor areas and pools as well; an excellent alternative to classical wood flooring.

Columbia Collection

2. Imitation marble outdoor tiles

The elegance of marble is now available for terraces in an outdoor tiling version.

Unlike the original material, the imitation marble porcelain from the series Marble requires no maintenance and absorbs zero stains.

It鈥檚 a wonderful choice for projects aiming to combine indoor and outdoor areas without giving up on sophistication.

Ordesa Marr贸n Collection

3. Imitation cement outdoor tiles

The modern Urban series brings industrial beauty to outdoor areas as an esthetic choice with a design based on the most contemporary of cement.

It鈥檚 ideal for minimalist, cutting-edge terrace and garden styles.

Marble Collection

4. Imitation stone outdoor tiles

Along with wood, imitation stone porcelain is another finish that emphasizes the natural side of the areas it decorates.

The outdoor tiles from the collection Tibet and Petra, are not only resistant, long-lasting and non-slip, they combine that naturalness sought with graphics full of character.

Urban Gris Grafito Collection

5. Country-style outdoor tiles

With an artisan essence for the most classical styles, Gres Arag贸n also has clinker collections like Columbia, Mytho, ORION or Natural


Pietra Gris Collection

These decorative choices also reflect extra sustainability due to the exclusive manufacturing process, thereby boosting the naturalness of the terraces, gardens and pools where they鈥檙e used for their great designs.

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