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29 de May de 2020
Infinity Pools, endless horizon or lost horizon pools, are a type of overflowing pool. This type of edging system requires to have open clear views to the horizon. Otherwise it will be not possible to get the infinite effect. This effect happens...
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7 de May de 2020
Wood-look inspired porcelain tiles is one of the trends in the ceramic market. This type of combination is known as "wood-look tiles" and many people like it for the warm finishing and the large advantages over natural wood.Let me highlight some of...
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2 de April de 2020
 It is well known that water is colorless, that is, transparent. However, when we look at seawater or pool water none of us would hesitate to say that the color we see is blue.  Widely-held belief is that seawater and pool water is...
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23 de March de 2020
 Antibacterial flooring tiles are a great solution in order to increase hygienical conditions, both in critical environments (hospitals, old peoples’ home, aquatic facilities…) and private houses. In addition, to be effective, it is required to...
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18 de March de 2020
 We all know that there are many facilities requiring a deeper cleaning and hygiene standard. We just need to think for a few seconds and some of them come quick to our minds: food industry, laboratories, industrial kitchens, pool wet areas,...
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24 de February de 2020
One more year, when February begins, the most important exhibition of the ceramic sector in Spain starts off: CEVISAMA.This is an international trade fair where manufacturers of floor and wall tiles launch their new products, in which they have...
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