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Quality and Environment



Gres Aragón is committed to offering our customers a differentiated service based on top quality products, quick delivery dates and a full range of support services.

Gres Aragón is committed to making ongoing improvements to its production processes and products as a means of ensuring greater customer satisfaction. It is also environmentally aware, using an integrated Environmental & Quality-Control Management System certified as complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.








Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certified by AENOR with European recognition.

GRES ARAGÓN has Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the range of extruded stoneware tiles (Alla) manufactured in 33x33 cm. and 25x25 cm. size. This environmental statement, has the recognition of ECO Platform, the European Association of managers EPD verification programs in the construction sector. ECO Platform is the benchmark in the ecolabelling of EPD at European level.

The EPD are documents that provide key information on the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle. They are based on the UNE-EN ISO 14025, which establishes the principles and specifies the procedures for developing such statements. In the case of construction products, are also based on the UNE-EN 15804 which establishes rules specific core product category for these materials. 

In GRES ARAGÓN we are committed to continuous improvement of our processes and our products to achieve greater customer satisfaction, respecting the environment. Among the actions taken to enhance the sustainability of our production process we can highlight has been achieved: 

  • V​ Zero dumping of wastewater: recycle 100% of the water in the production process itself, without physicochemical treatments. 
  • Re-used ceramic waste generated from the production process: In the case of klinker tiles, more than 99% of ceramic waste is re-used as raw materials in the manufacturing process, resulting in a sandstone containing up to 45% pre-consumer recycled material. 
  • ​Ongoing energy efficiency improvements. We made investments to reduce energy consumption, mention should be made of optimizing kiln consumption of gas in clinker process production.

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