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About us


When the family-run company Gres Aragón was first founded in 1944, no one could possibly imagine that 75 years later, that original potter’s workshop would have turned into a company which produces over 1,000 natural-look stoneware and porcelain tile models, sold in over one hundred different countries or that, thanks to its skilful efforts, its products would be found in places as wide-ranging as swimming pools in private homes or on the façades of smart buildings. And all this would be achieved without relinquishing its quintessential characteristics–careful craftsmanship and a keen desire to innovate–, and without moving away from the area where it was first founded.


Just like you,

At Gres Aragón, we enjoy the home’s indoor and outdoor areas.

That is why our wall and floor tiles can be used both inside and outside the home. Because they are made of carefully selected clays fired at over 1200ºC, they are equally suitable for walking on barefoot in the summer months or for withstanding hard winter frosts.  Our wall and floor tiles are either extruded or pressed, using the very best technology in each case.


At Gres Aragón, we love colours and varying shapes and styles.  


We glaze our stoneware tiles, adding new colours to the available colour spectrums of our over 1,000 tile models. We also manufacture special tile pieces so as to provide tile-laying and building solutions and to help finish off settings with that extra touch of quality, elegance and comfort only synonymous with Gres Aragón.


At Gres Aragón, we also enjoy a good challenge.


We help to create façades and finishes for buildings ranging from the most modern to the most historical. We are proud to work with architects as eminent as Rafael Moneo through our subsidiary Faveker. And best of all, our materials, techniques, and team of professionals always stand out for their unwavering quality and commitment, whether the project in question involves an encaustic cement floor for your home or the restoration of a Baroque basilica’s dome.  


At Gres Aragón, we are glad you enjoy a good swim!


We make ceramic tile products and systems for indoor and outdoor pools and sports pools, in addition to wellbeing facilities and spas. Thanks to our passion for detail and our exclusive range of special tile pieces, we have products able to meet all possible preferences and the technical needs of each and every project.


At Gres Aragón, we guarantee hygiene, safety, durability and a high resistance.  


Floors, stairs, terraces and swimming pools clad in our products stand out for their high resistance to traffic, imperviousness, anti-bacterial properties and non-slip grip. Our products are made to last.


At Gres Aragón, we also care for the planet and the local environment. 

Because we are committed to:

- Sustainable management of our products

- Zero waste

- Conserving the rural population

- Sharing our wealth locally


And, above all, at Gres Aragón, we love to be faced with new challenges. Each new project and each new client is an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to meet their needs and to make their dreams come true.   


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This is our Mission, Vision and Values




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