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Inspired by marble, a material used in the earliest architecture, both in indoor and outdoor spaces. The series reminds of the elegance and timeless beauty of marble, but improving the high quality mechanical properties as well as adding resistance to chemical attack, thanks to the use of high-performance porcelain clays. These features give as a result a final product with almost no water absorption.

The collection has finishing pieces, for stairs, entrances, outdoor terraces, etc.,manufactured by extrusion, where spaces with finishing pieces of the highest quality and resistance are created.

Porcelain tiles Porcelain tiles
Glazed Glazed
Slip resistance with footwear Slip resistance with footwear*
Barefoot slip resistance Barefoot slip resistance*
Frost resistance Frost resistance
Pendulum slip resistance Pendulum slip resistance*
Resistance to stains Resistance to stains*
Breaking strength Breaking strength*
Water absorption Water absorption*
Resistance to thermal shock Resistance to thermal shock
Tile 30x60
Tile 30x60
[297x597x10 mm] Available in anti slip finishing
Tile 60x120
Tile 60x120
[600x1200x10,4 mm] Both colours available in anti slip and smooth finishing
Finishing Pieces
Marble Riser 15x120
Riser 15x120
[147x1197x10,4 mm]
Marble Skirting Board 40
Skirting Board 40
[397x80x9,5 mm]
Marble Rounded stair-tread 120
Rounded stair-tread 120
[1197x330x14 mm]
Marble Straight stair-tread 120
Straight stair-tread 120
[1197x315x14 mm]
Marble Rounded string left side
Rounded string left side
[293x80/273x9,5 mm]
Marble Rounded string right side
Rounded string right side
[293x80/273x9,5 mm]
Marble Straight string left side
Straight string left side
[293x80/273x9,5 mm]
Marble Straight string right side
Straight string right side
[293x80/273x9,5 mm]
Marble Right rounded step cover
Right rounded step cover
[330x36 mm]
Marble Left rounded step cover
Left rounded step cover
[330x36 mm]
Marble Straight step cover
Straight step cover
[315x35 mm]

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