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  • Resistance to surface abrasion
    Resistance to surface abrasion
  • Glazed
  • Natural
  • Frost resistance
    Frost resistance
  • Slip resistance with footwear R10
    Slip resistance with footwear R10
  • Pendulum slip resistance (CTE) 1-3*
    Pendulum slip resistance (CTE) 1-3*

Vintage cement tiles are always a possibility in superior design projects. Retro brings the charm associated with cement tiles to high-temperature stoneware ones, uniting all the former’s decorative designs with the resistance, easy-to-clean surface, and decorative potential of stoneware tiles.   

Thanks to the use of klinkjet® digital printing technology, unique designs and layouts can be created, depending on how the different tiles are combined.  

Retro stands out from other ceramic flooring of this kind for one unique characteristic: it can be used both indoors and out. This makes it a particularly good solution for interior living spaces that lead outdoors, since the same model can be used indoors and out.

Most clinker tiles in Gres Aragón’s range can be inter-combined in boundless different ways.


Retro 1
Retro 2
Retro 3
Retro 4
Retro 5
Retro 6
Retro 7
Retro 8
Retro 9
Retro azul
Retro tierra
Retro blanco 0
Retro blanco 1
Retro blanco 2
Retro blanco 3
Retro blanco 4
Retro blanco 5
Retro blanco 6
Retro blanco 7
Retro blanco 8
Retro blanco 9
Retro blanco 10


Tile 33x33

325x325x16 mm.

Tile 25x25

*Varios diseños se sirven mezclados.
244x244x14 mm.

* Characteristics may vary depending on color and model. More information on the serie's download on in the catalogue.