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OCEAN is a highly versatile porcelain tiles series, available in a small (15x15 cm) and medium-size (30x30) format, glossy or matt finish, and four eye-catching colours. Its striking design is bound to draw all eyes, even more so when it is used under the water to line swimming pools.  

This is a unique series, thanks to its turquoise, emerald and cobalt blue shades, its tourmaline transparencies and the mother-of-pearl shot effect that comes to the fore when it reflects the light.

Ocean offers almost unlimited design potential both indoors and out in settings ranging from spas to bathrooms and even kitchens. This is a series much appreciated for the unique effects that can be created in both large-scale projects and more minor ones. 

Porcelain tiles Porcelain tiles
Slip resistance with footwear Slip resistance with footwear*
Barefoot slip resistance Barefoot slip resistance*
Frost resistance Frost resistance
Pendulum slip resistance Pendulum slip resistance*
Resistance to stains Resistance to stains*
Breaking strength Breaking strength*
Water absorption Water absorption*
Resistance to thermal shock Resistance to thermal shock
 Blue Bali
Blue Bali
 Coral Bay
Coral Bay
 Green River
Green River
Tile 15x15
Tile 15x15
[147x147x8,5] Glossy and matt finishing available in 4 colours
Tile 30x30
Tile 30x30
[297x297x16] Matt finishing in 4 colours
Finishing Pieces
Ocean Bullnose
Ocean External radial tile
External radial tile
Ocean internal radial tile
internal radial tile
Ocean external mitre
external mitre
Ocean internal mitre
internal mitre
Ocean round external mitre
round external mitre
Ocean round internal mitre
round internal mitre

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