Natural system

  • Frost resistance
    Frost resistance
  • Slip resistance with footwear R11
    Slip resistance with footwear R11
  • Barefoot slip resistance C
    Barefoot slip resistance C
  • Pendulum slip resistance (CTE) 3*
    Pendulum slip resistance (CTE) 3*

Anti-slip and step safe. Its design avoids the water to brim over to the outside of the swimming pool. It is a versatile system, so it makes possible to propose several constructive solutions.



Special pieces

Edge 33

325x275x65 x25 mm.

Edge 10

275x103x65 x25 mm.

External corner

275x275x65 x24 mm.

Internal corner

325x325x65 x24 mm.


* Characteristics may vary depending on color and model. More information on the serie's download on in the catalogue.