Natural-look classic

  • Natural
  • Frost resistance
    Frost resistance
  • Slip resistance with footwear R11
    Slip resistance with footwear R11
  • Barefoot slip resistance C
    Barefoot slip resistance C
  • Pendulum slip resistance (CTE) 3*
    Pendulum slip resistance (CTE) 3*

This range combines the essence and natural simplicity of natural materials with decorative effects achieved through the use of natural clays. These clays open up new design potential without relinquishing the natural beauty synonymous with extruded ceramic tiles. Natural Classic conserves all the high resistance and durability typical of this kind of tile while also adapting gracefully to the passage of time.

Available in three colours (malí, aneto and arán) with a selection of special tile pieces (stair tread corners, pool coping, step skirtings, sills etc.), the tiles can be used in outdoor areas like terraces, gardens, verandas, lobbies, flat rooftops, poolside areas and any other application requiring high-resistance performance. 




Tile 33x33

325x325x16 mm.

Special pieces

Stair-tread ref. 24-33

325x330x53 x18 mm.

Stair-tread corner ref.24

330x330x53 x18 mm.


325x275x65 x25 mm.

External corner

275x275x65 x24 mm.

Internal corner

325x275x65 x24 mm.

String left side

390x80/200x100 x16 mm.

String right side

390x80/200x100 x16 mm.

Skirting board 33

325x80x16 mm.

Wash 33x33

325x330x40 x18 mm.

* Characteristics may vary depending on color and model. More information on the serie's download on in the catalogue.