• Natural
  • Frost resistance
    Frost resistance
  • Slip resistance with footwear R11
    Slip resistance with footwear R11
  • Barefoot slip resistance C
    Barefoot slip resistance C
  • Pendulum slip resistance (CTE) 3*
    Pendulum slip resistance (CTE) 3*

A series with a strong traditional flavour and natural allure. These unglazed rustic-look extruded ceramic tiles, made of natural clays, enrich surfaces with their pleasing natural ceramic colours.

Cotto’s name brings to mind the terracotta floors of yesteryear, whose characteristic reddish shades blend in beautifully with traditional or colonial architectural styles, making this series a good option for refurbishment projects. Its two shades (blanco and gris) are equally suitable for design projects with a more modern twist, where they relinquish their rustic air and take on a more minimalist appeal.

In addition to its choice of three colours (rojo, blanco and gris), Cotto also features a series of special tile pieces made of extruded clinker (stair treads, step skirtings, skirting tiles, handrails, stair tread corners, gratings, overflow channels etc.), able to bring resistance, safety and a high-quality finish to outdoor areas, terraces, verandas, gardens and poolside areas.  

Cotto guarantees resistance to wear and tear and the passage of time, in addition to a safe grip, thanks to its non-slip natural-look surface.  




Tile 33x33

325x325x16 mm.

Tile 25x25

244x244x14 mm.

Tile 12x25

119x244x14 mm.

Tile 6x25

59x244x10 mm.

Special pieces

Stair-tread ref. 24-25

244x330x53 x18 mm.

Stair-tread ref. 24-33

325x330x53 x18 mm.

Stair-tread corner ref.24

330x330x53 x18 mm.

String left side

390x80(76)/200x100 x16 mm.

String right side

390x80(76)/200x100 x16 mm.

Skirting board 33

325x80(76)x16 mm.

Skirting board 25

244x80(76)X14 mm.

Handrail int. 21,5

251x244x46 x18 mm.

Handrail int. 12,5

244x160x40 x18 mm.

Handrail redondeado

244x191(187)x54 mm.

Unequal edge

244x129(127)x60 x14 mm.


325x270x55 x19 mm.

Overflowing edge

330x325x22 x26 mm.

Overflowing internal edge

330x444x119 x26 mm.

Overflowing external edge

330x353x26 x22 mm.

Monocompact ceramic grid

325x244x25 mm.

Corner grid

293x244x25 x80 mm.

Overflow channel

*Disponible canaleta con desagüe
325x325x30 mm.


* Characteristics may vary depending on color and model. More information on the serie's download on in the catalogue.