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8 de September de 2020
Nowadays, porcelain tile stairs are a highly-demanded option since we combine the functionality provided by porcelain materials (hardness, easy cleaning, resistance, colour variety, a wide range of finishing and multiple sizes) and the easy way to...
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31 de July de 2020
We are in a period when the latest circumstances have boosted the use of outdoor spaces.We have shared small and big indoor spaces and, in a more intense way than before, balconies, terraces, verandas, where in the past we passed along without...
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8 de July de 2020
 The anti-pathogenic attributes of surfaces or materials already captured the attention of some architectural and engineering projects long time ago. However, under the current circumstances caused by a global pandemic that has brought to light...
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10 de June de 2020
Biophilic design is an innovative concept that consists of connecting with nature the buildings where we live in, work and learn in a direct or indirect way. This way of designing does not seek only aesthetics, but it aims to bring people and nature...
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29 de May de 2020
Infinity Pools, endless horizon or lost horizon pools, are a type of overflowing pool. This type of edging system requires to have open clear views to the horizon. Otherwise it will be not possible to get the infinite effect. This effect happens...
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7 de May de 2020
Wood-look inspired porcelain tiles is one of the trends in the ceramic market. This type of combination is known as "wood-look tiles" and many people like it for the warm finishing and the large advantages over natural wood.Let me highlight some of...
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