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8 de September de 2020

Nowadays, porcelain tile stairs are a highly-demanded option since we combine the functionality provided by porcelain materials (hardness, easy cleaning, resistance, colour variety, a wide range of finishing and multiple sizes) and the easy way to use it in our projects, having the same material to cover the staircase and to pave the house’s floor. The result is a trendy continuity or extension, which causes the optical effect of spaciousness and a chromatic coherence among the different spaces of the house.




Your home or business stairs don’t have to be just an element of passage, they need to have its own personality, giving coherence to any space.

Porcelain tile stairs range from small formats of 30 cm. to extra-large format of 120 cm., which makes it possible to place a single piece on each step, becoming a spectacular effect, matching also with the riser and flooring. Ceramic porcelain tile can be placed both indoors and outdoors, with a smooth finishing inside the house and a non-slip finishing on the outside, for security reasons.




We offer two types of steps, the ones with the rounded edge, and the “straight” steps, all of them with their different finishes and formats.

Gres Aragón has a wide range of finishing touches such as wood look tiles, so demanded in the market, as well as stone, cement or marble imitation.

Despite the large number of steps existing in the market, many of them mechanised in a workshop with the front part attached, at Gres Aragón we manufacture steps in a single piece, made by extrusion, giving a much better result, in terms of visual, technical and durable concepts.



The extruded porcelain tile stairs have a great number of advantages such as:


Easy cleaning (they don’t get dirty or lose the bright effect)

• More robust than marbles and woods

Greater resistance to use

• Imitation of any element of nature

• All visible parts are decorated

• Both indoor and outdoor finishing options

Availability of special finishing pieces complementing the steps such as corners, risers, strings... improving this way the final result


With all these characteristics, extruded porcelain tile stairs are the best choice for all types of works, both refurbishments and new construction.



José Sorribes Ibáñez

National Sales Manager at Gres Aragón

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