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How to lay ceramic tiles for a perfect style

2 de March de 2021

How to lay ceramic tiles for a perfect style

When choosing a ceramic tile to cover the floors and walls in our homes we have multiple decisions to take: size, colour, type of finish, brand, budget… However, we very often forget that the perfect ally to give a distinct touch to the style we desire to create is the tile layout. 



There are several possibilities ranging from the most lineal designs, which will help us give our room order and harmony, to the most asymmetrical ones, with bring a unique and original style. In any case, there is not a single solution, but we should lay our tiles depending on the space we are decorating, the ceramic tile model we have chosen or the personality that we want to give to our home.


Below, you will find the most popular ceramic tile patterns and layouts, with which the help of your designer, installer or specialist in renovation, your walls and floors will add the final touch to your home.


1) Stack bond




Ceramic tiles are laid straightforward keeping the orientation of horizontal and vertical joints. This results in a style that brings order and never goes out of fashion.