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Ceramic tile cleaning and maintenance



Ceramic is one of the most resistant and durable materials to use, since it is resistant to humidity, heat, frost, stains and chemicals.

These benefits of ceramic make this material the most suitable for placing in spaces such as terraces, kitchens, bathrooms or swimming pools.


The floors of a home, a terrace or a building in general are the parts that tend to get dirty the most, so cleaning is necessary. Knowing how to clean ceramic floors is essential to maintain the qualities and avoid deterioration over the years.



1.    After laying the flooring, any surplus grout and general dirt must be properly cleaned up. The final cleanup shuld be done when the grouting material has hardened, without allowing too much time to elapse in case the surplus remains stick to the floor and complicate the cleaning process.


2.    For these operations, a slightly acidic detergent, such as Fila Deterdek Pro should be used which does not give off any toxic fumes, demage the tile joints or constitute or hazard for users. Test the detergent first to make that it does not effect the joints or ceramic tiles.


3.    The flooring can also be cleaned mechanically, with a cleaning machine fitted with rotating brushes made of plastic bristles (since metal ones might damage the flooring), or by hand with a brush and warm water.


4.     A pressure washer can be used to clean away tougher dirt and remains.