Environment and Quality

Gres de Aragón is committed to making ongoing improvements to its production processes and products as a means of ensuring greater customer satisfaction. It is also environmentally aware, using an integrated Environmental & Quality-Control Management System certified as complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
In 2007, GRES DE ARAGON put into operation a new extruded clinker manufacturing plant. It is designed to comply with Best Available Techniques (BAT) for the tile sector, managing to achieve a reduction in fuel and electricity consumption and minimizing atmospheric and CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change, all in parallel with improvements to the quality of the  company’s products.
The ratios of thermal consumption and CO2 emissions per processed tonne are bellow the values of ceramic IPPC and the average values of the sector (according to AVEN ) for tunnel furnaces.The plant has been awarded an Integrated Environmental Permit (AAI in Spanish), and is certified as complying with following an inspection by the Regional Government of Aragon. As a result, it complies with all legal environmental requirements.

Within the initiatives undertaken by the company to guarantee more sustainable production processes, mention should be made of:
• Zero dumping of wastewater: All wastewater generated during the glazing stage is re-used in the production process. In this way, it does not have to be physically or chemically treated, which is what originates the slurry that then requires waste management.
• Re-used ceramic waste from the production process: In the case of klinker tiles, more than 99% of ceramic waste (filtered dust and fired and unfired waste) is re-used as raw materials in the manufacturing process, leading to the production of clinker tiles with a 45% pre-consumer recycled content.
• Minimizing the environmental impact of the waste of the cardboard packaging: In the year 2013 the design of the cardboard packaging was changed by reducing the area of printed areas and substituting white kraft paper by bare brown paper
• Ongoing energy efficiency improvements. In the last few years some investments have been made to reduce consumption of electricity and natural gas. These are the most important:
• Optimizing consumption of gas in production processes during 2013
• Automatic switching on and off of indoor and outdoor light in the plant
• Automatic switching on and off of the air extraction within plant having two levels of temperature
• Incorporating variable frequency drives to reduce electricity consumption by equipment in the ventilators of drying chambers
GRES DE ARAGON has Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the range of extruded stoneware tiles (Alla) manufactured in 33x33 cm. and 25x25 cm. size. This environmental statement, has the recognition of ECO Platform, the European Association of managers EPD verification programs in the construction sector. ECO Platform is the benchmark in the ecolabelling of EPD at European level.